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04 December 2006 @ 10:21 am
10,123 words  
20.25% of 50,000.

39,877 words short.

I didn't make it. But I feel like a winner that I actually wrote part of the story on paper!

It felt... wonderful!

I may not have succeeded this year. But I am joining again next year.

And hopefully by then, I WILL MAKE IT.

I love the story, and with all the world-building exercises and coffee chats about it, I was "living" the story in MAINLAND. But I couldn't continue.

Commitments at work and IRL was holding me back. Along with the plaguing writer's block. (add the new PS2 in the mix)

But I WILL continue to write this story. I have been planning to write this story for so long, it's about time it gets into paper (literally) and come alive.

I will be posting snippets of it online as well. Which will be Friends-locked. So if you wanna see those, add this comm to your watchlist.



And to all the winners, congratulations!!!
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